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Mrs Ramzan from St Albans
' We wanted a home-based support for Maths for a fourteen year old. All work was marked on time and we felt that Exam Tuition offered an old-fashioned 'service' rather than just a big machine.'
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Student Reviews

I've just received my results from the iGCSE physics exams that I sat in January and I'm delighted to say that I passed and achieved an A grade! Thank you so much for your support and assistance whilst I was studying for the qualification. I think you offer a great service for students.

I went with Exam Tuition because I felt that they could offer a more one-to-one form of help. The advice I got was good, I worked on my weaknesses and I passed.

Carol, 33, from Lincoln.

I liked Exam Tuition mainly because of the down to earth approach which they used, and they helped me get the important 'C' grades which I needed to get onto an Access course. I'd recommend Exam Tuition to anyone because it works.

Griffin, 20, from London

I was quite doubtful about whether distance learning would work, but it was fine. The approach they took was to treat me like a grown-up'

Sarah, 24 from Bristol.

Needing a GCSE in a quite short time I got fast-tracked through the course and ended up with the grade B which I needed.'

Glenn, 40 from Carlisle

We wanted a home-based support for Maths for a fourteen year old. All work was marked on time and we felt that Exam Tuition offered an old-fashioned 'service' rather than just a big machine.'

Mrs Ramzan from St Albans

Just to let you know (and to add to your impressive success rate) I did get the required 'C' in the GCSE maths paper. I was very surprised and thrilled. Thank you for getting me on the right track and giving me the confidence to give it a go. I have almost finished my teaching assistant course with the Open University (I'm really enjoying it and doing very well at present). However, without the maths I would probably not even be considered for employment at school, so thank you once again.

Pam Woodhouse

Just wanted to say that I received my iGCSE result for Biology and I achieved a grade C. :O) Thank you for all your support and guidance as without you guys, this would not have been possible.

Manjinder Bachu

I have just received my results for my iGCSE Physics and I can confirm I achieved an A grade. Thank you for the help and support.

Alex Stones

Thank you for the positive feedback. It's given me a massive boost. I can't believe I have wasted so much money on attempting to do other courses twice before and giving up purely because I was just sent a book to read and complete exercises. Already I feel as though I have learned so much just by completing a couple of tasks and I'm actually enjoying it too. I know I have a way to go but my initial view is a good one. £98 well spent so far!

Carol Clarke

I write on behalf of Robert who is currently away skiing with army cadets until 12th March.  He has asked me to write to you.

He is very happy and relieved to have achieved a Grade C in the English that he sat on 25th January, with marks of 64/100 (and I am very pleased too).

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your tutoring, marking, help, support and guidance since October.  The combined efforts have resulted in him achieving this grade.

The key things where I feel you have excelled are:

  • those initial 2 essays you asked Robert to write, you picked up on his needs very quickly.
  • Asking him to read the Laurie Lee book, 'As I walked out one midsummers morning' was so so so appropriate to Robert's learning need.  To ask him to read that book was a huge task for Robert to do, but the examples of description and the way the reader was drawn in to something that Robert had to read and experience to try and then create this within his own writing.  Robert's Dad is weak on English, but even he read a section of that book and also commented in the same way.  Excellent choice, a real plus point.
  • That initial exercise about adjectives that asked Robert to extend a short sentence into a descriptive paragraph. Again, this was an excellent task and exactly what Robert needed to practice.
  • I can't thank you enough for the 'How to write an essay' document.  Things that seem so straightforward and logical but things I had never been shown before.  We constantly used the Spider drawing, adding legs and then fingers.
  • Finally, what you write about on you website is all correct.  From that initial conversation that I had with you to discuss Robert's circumstance through to the end has shown you offering good quality structured tuition (which we feel was individual and not mass produced), the speed of your marking and response to questions has all been exactly what you offered and in return for Robert's commitment to hard work the final goal has been achieved.

Thank you Jonathan, we are pleased we found your website.

Robert & Megan Jones


Just wanted to thank you for all your guidance and support which helped secure me a very satisfying examination result! I received my Provisional certification today ...

Grade A* 96/100. I'm not sure which road I want to travel down from here ... I could either take my iGCSE Biology (which would then give me my 3 newly updated core subjects), or, to reach for the stars, & work for an English degree (although the extortionate fee this would command is a bit of an unreachable deterrent!). 

Many thanks again. 

Jane Avent


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