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Carol Clarke

Thank you for the positive feedback. It's given me a massive boost. I can't believe I have wasted so much money on attempting to do other courses twice before and giving up purely because I was just sent a book to read and complete exercises. Already I feel as though I have learned so much just by completing a couple of tasks and I'm actually enjoying it too. I know I have a way to go but my initial view is a good one. £98 well spent so far!

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Subjects we Offer

All course are suitable for both mature students and home educated pupils.

Science GCSE: Physics Course

Most mature students simply require 'a Science GCSE'. Combined Science is no longer available to independent candidates who are studying outside the school system because of the inclusion of compulsory laboratory work.

Instead, students can obtain Biology or Physics or Chemistry as a single separate subject and this fulfils the requirements to enter, for example, university or teacher training.

The perception has always been that Biology is the easiest science, but Physics is straightforward and accessible for any student who is reasonably good at basic Maths.

In Physics you will study topics which include forces, dynamics, friction, density, gases & pressure, momentum, energy transfers, waves, sound, light, planetary motion, heat, electricity (both static and current), magnetism, electro-magnetism, atoms & radioactivity.

You will watch online video lectures and practical demonstrations in addition to the traditional study with textbooks. These videos are excellent to help you understand the ideas and acquire the knowledge you require.

As with all our courses the work begins with a written Assessment from which point the tutor sets out a programme of study: detailed tasks and up to 20 assignments to be marked and further advice given. Your tutor will monitor your progress and is always available to help with individual problems.

These separate science syllabuses are iGCSEs (the ones lots of private schools do nowadays) with Edexcel. Course code is 4PH0 for Physics.

Examinations are in Summer (May/June) or January.


Physics GCSE Syllabus

Spec_Eng_tn GCSE Physics Syllabus
Click here for a GCSE Science Syllabus video


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Course Cost: £275

Option: £98 deposit then four months of £48

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We understand that if you are considering a distance learning package for yourself or for your child, you will have particular questions or circumstances which are best dealt with by a phone call. We shall be happy to answer those queries.

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