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Pam Woodhouse
Just to let you know (and to add to your impressive success rate) I did get the required 'C' in the GCSE maths paper. I was very surprised and thrilled. Thank you for getting me on the right track and giving me the confidence to give it a go. I have almost finished my teaching assistant course with the Open University (I'm really enjoying it and doing very well at present). However, without the maths I would probably not even be considered for employment at school, so thank you once again.
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Subjects we Offer

All course are suitable for both mature students and home educated pupils.

Maths GCSE Course

This course includes a free interactive DVD (or digital download) which most students describe as ‘brilliant!’

Your programme of study will depend on the level indicated by the Initial Assessment. This is a series of written questions: don’t worry, it doesn’t matter how much or how little you know at this stage; it’s for your tutor to establish your starting point.

In the main body of the Course you will be asked to complete an extensive series of tasks and assignments. The assignments are based on a process called Inductive Thinking which, in plain English, just means that you are guided from what you can already do, onto what you previously couldn’t!

All work is marked in detail and with clear explanations to solve your weaknesses. Further practice is set as required. The tutor is always available to help with individual problems.

We shall develop your ability in all areas such as arithmetic, squares & square roots, angles, ratios, shapes, area & volume, speed, probability, prime numbers, factors, algebra, graphs, data presentation, equations, proportion, units, Pythagoras, averages, fractions & decimals, symmetry and many more.

The syllabus is Edexcel iGCSE 4MA1. There is no ‘Coursework’: just two examination papers. The examinations are available in Summer (May/June) or January.

You can also take AQA Maths syllabus 8300; this is available in November.


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Course Cost: £275

Option: £98 deposit then four months of £48

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We understand that if you are considering a distance learning package for yourself or for your child, you will have particular questions or circumstances which are best dealt with by a phone call. We shall be happy to answer those queries.

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