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Glenn, 40 from Carlisle
'Needing a GCSE in a quite short time I got fast-tracked through the course and ended up with the grade B which I needed.'
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Subjects we Offer

All course are suitable for both mature students and home educated pupils.

GCSE English Literature Course

A much more specialised subject than English Language. Much of the work revolves around the set books: the specifics of these will be discussed and agreed with your tutor.

Most mature students only require the Language GCSE but Literature is appropriate for those going on to do A level, or for younger Home Educated students.

The examinations are available in Summer (May/June ) or January.

The Course Code is Edexcel 4ET1.


English Lit. GCSE

Spec_Eng_tn GCSE English Lit. Syllabus
Click here for a GCSE English Lit. Syllabus video


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Course Cost: £275

Option: £98 deposit then four months of £48

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We understand that if you are considering a distance learning package for yourself or for your child, you will have particular questions or circumstances which are best dealt with by a phone call. We shall be happy to answer those queries.

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