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Jane Avent
Hi, Just wanted to thank you for all your guidance and support which helped secure me a very satisfying examination result!  I received my Provisional certification today ... Grade A* 96/100.  I'm not sure which road I want to travel down from here ... I could either take my iGCSE Biology (which would then give me my 3 newly updated core subjects), or, to reach for the stars, & work for an English degree (although the extortionate fee this would command is a bit of an unreachable deterrent!).  Many thanks again. 
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Subjects we Offer

All course are suitable for both mature students and home educated pupils.


Our online home study courses are designed to prepare students for GCSE exams to be taken in January 2019 or June 2019, as appropriate. Students are treated as individuals and therefore do not all receive the same work because they will have different starting abilities and different educational needs.

Every course begins with an assessment, and from there the tutor formulates an appropriate schedule to suit the student. This contrasts with other organisations' blanket approach which sends the same material to everyone, regardless of age or ability. We believe our system is fundamentally better. The one-to-one relationship between the student and the tutor is what will produce a successful outcome, and the experience of our tutors is the key factor in this equation.

The way the courses work is this: once your tutor has set out your programme of study you will be receiving up to 25 assignments (usually by email), completing them with the guidance given and posting them in for marking and advice. The feedback you get is very detailed so that you can improve your knowledge and skills with every piece of work.

There is a old saying 'If you give a poor man a fish, you feed him for a day but if you teach him how to catch fish you feed him for a lifetime.'

The relevance of that in the context of home study is this: the facts which we are simply told might soon be forgotten, but if we have worked with, and really understand, something then it stays with us.

Our tutors will show you how to acquire the skills and knowledge you need and how to develop a genuine ability in the subject, then you can 'stand on your own two feet' in the exam. And because we treat you like an individual, that learning will be done in a way which suits you - and done at a pace dictated by you, not us!

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Course Cost: £275

Option: £98 deposit then four months of £48

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We understand that if you are considering a distance learning package for yourself or for your child, you will have particular questions or circumstances which are best dealt with by a phone call. We shall be happy to answer those queries.

Please call 0800 096 0024, or contact us by email