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This course includes a free interactive DVD (or digital download) which most students describe as ‘brilliant!’


In Physics you will study topics which include forces, dynamics, friction, density, gases & pressure, momentum, energy transfers, waves, sound, light, planetary motion, heat, electricity, magnetism, electro-magnetism, atoms & radioactivity.


In Chemistry the topics include the periodic table, atomic bonding, electrolysis, acids & alkalis, organic compounds, reactivity, metal extraction, enthalpy, polymers, rate of reaction etc.


Many students choose Biology because it is perceived as the easiest science and it involves very little Maths.

English Language

Study for the GCSE English Language and learn the basics of a complex and intricate language through distance learning.

English Literature

A much more specialised subject than English Language. Much of the work revolves around the set books: the specifics of these will be discussed and agreed with your tutor.



We understand that if you are considering a distance learning package for yourself or for your child, you will have particular questions or circumstances which are best dealt with by a phone call. We shall be happy to answer those queries.

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