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General Questions

You sit the examination itself at a centre local to you: see the Links page for lists of centres.

They are in January or June each year.

You can send your written Assignments by email or post – it’s up to you. Your tutor will mark & return them within 24 hours, giving you full advice and any necessary follow-up work to help you resolve difficult issues and fill the gaps in your knowledge.

There are between 25 and 35 Assignments depending on the subject.

Students can begin on any day of the year.

It depends on your ability, but five hours a week for one subject is normal.

You will have the same tutor throughout the Course who will mark your work. You can contact them at any time- to ask for additional help - by phone or email.

Yes, you can continue with us for no extra charge.

The GCSEs are awarded by Edexcel, the largest exam board in the UK.

The iGCSE version is often taken at private schools and is ideal for independent candidates because the exam centres prefer them. The ‘normal’ GCSE is usually just for teenagers in schools.
All universites and colleges accept iGCSE (this has been checked with the Department for Education).

There will be a textbook required (except for English Language) but you will also be taught by online videos (and in Maths, the Course includes a free DVD). The Assignments are carefully designed to lead you from easy topics into more difficult ones.

They now go from 9 (equal to A*) down to 1. Grade 4 and above is a pass; just like the old C grade.

If you fail to achieve at least a 4 grade, we shall refund your fees provided that you’ve reported your progess every two weeks and you have studied for at least three months.

Yes. You will do up to eight Past Papers after completing the Assignments. They will be marked by your tutor.

Almost all students only require English Language. This is one you will need for university, college courses or any career.

The English, Biology, Chemistry & Physics syllabuses are just one level (ie no Higher or Foundation), so there’s no choice necessary. In Maths you can do Foundation or Higher, as you wish

Each GCSE subject costs £325, or £88 deposit followed by four monthly instalments of £68.


If you need more advice, please call us on:

0800 096 0024



We understand that if you are considering a distance learning package for yourself or for your child, you will have particular questions or circumstances which are best dealt with by a phone call. We shall be happy to answer those queries.

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